Environmental Personnel Agency is an executive search firm that recruits environmental health and safety professionals for corporate clients.

Since its founding in 1991, EPA has focused on meeting the specialized demands of employers in the environmental field. Our industry-specific approach to staffing ensures a more knowledgeable and thorough search in order to generate the most qualified candidates. Utilizing its understanding of the environmental industry and its recruiting experience, EPA offers targeted recruiting services in the areas of:


We staff for a wide array of environmentally related roles within these areas of expertise, including:


Since 1991, EPA has consistently met the hiring needs of clients in the environmental field and continues to lead in specialized services. Our success lies in the ability to adapt and expand our recruiting services in accordance with growing personnel demands of the environmental industry. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, one of the nation's leading influences in the industry, EPA has first-hand access to innovations and advances made within the field.

Participation in Trade Shows throughout the country presents invaluable opportunities to interact with industry professionals and learn the latest environmental, health and safety processes, regulations, and compliance issues.

Committed efforts to meet clients' growing demands combined with environmental expertise and recruiting experience make EPA the ideal partner to accomplish your staffing goals.








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