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Environmental Personnel Agency understands that each employee plays an integral part in a business. Therefore, we treat each search assignment as if it were the key determiner to the prosperity of our client's organization.

Our recruiting procedure includes a preliminary planning stage, varied testing mechanisms for recruits, and confirmation to ensure client satisfaction.

We achieve an exemplary match by incorporating a client organization's specific needs into our standard process.


I. Preparation

  1. Assess the client's organizational goals, needs, and preferences.
  2. Detail specific requirements and responsibilities of the position.
  3. Collect additional information relevant to the planning stage.
  4. Compose a candidate profile.


II. Execution

  1. Compile a pool of eligible recruits from employment channels and network.
  2. Perform quantitative evaluation through software technology to narrow search.
  3. Perform qualitative evaluation through interviews and reference check to finalize search.
  4. Recommend the chosen recruit that best exemplifies the candidate profile.


III . Confirmation

  1. Verify client's satisfaction.
  2. Periodically review status of recruit.
  3. Provide support services when adequate, such as guarantee.


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